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3-star DE Samson Reed

Hello Samson, how is recruiting going? How many offers, who was the most recent?

SR: It has been great. I have seven offers. Last one I think was Nevada in March.

I see you recently visited Westwood, how was UCLA?

SR: UCLA was awesome! Great campus, program and new a huge new facility being built.

Have you had any contact with the Duck staff? Do you have interest in Oregon?

SR: Yes, definitely have interest in Oregon. They are also a great school. Just not sure if they are interested in me. Have not really had much contact with them, Coach Joe Salave’a recruited me, and actually offered me when he was at WAZZU. I have not heard much from him much since he moved to Oregon.

Do you have any summer plans?

SR: I will be visiting Eugene to see the campus around July 12/13th.

Will you be visiting Eugene with family? Have you been to the campus before?

SR: Yes, we will all be visiting together. My grandma lives in Hillsboro, Oregon. I have not been to the campus before.

Great, congrats! What your current height/weight? What would you like to weigh before your senior season?

SR: I am 6'2.5" 252 lbs. probably get to 260 before my senior season and keep my agility. Do not want to be 300 lbs. senior year, I want to leave room to get some quality size once I get into college.

Do you have other visits or camps set for the summer?

SR: I will be training with Chuck Smith in Atlanta this summer, and visiting some other schools looking at me like Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, and Virginia while I am there.

Tell me about your game, strengths, and areas you would like to improve?

SR: I think my strengths are my motor, my hands, hips, and footwork. I am always trying to improve on all areas of my game.

What do you like to do away from football? Do you play other sports? What do you like to do to relax?

SR: I only play football and pretty much train year round for it. I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, and going to the beach. I am lucky because we live in Hawaii.

Do you have any brothers or sisters? Have you lived in Hawaii your whole life?

SR: I am the only kid, but I have lots of cousins. We used to live in Southern California for the first 12 years of my life. We moved back to Hawaii where my parents were raised in 2012.

What part of California did you live in?

SR: West Hills in the San Fernando Valley, and then Newbury Park by Thousand Oaks.

Your father has an interesting story, playing football at Hawaii, American Gladiator, and stunt double for The Rock. Does he ever talk about his recruitment and time at Hawaii playing football?

SR: Yes, he is a stunt double for The Rock, they are second cousins. He used to play at Hawaii too. He told me it is very different now with all the social media. Back then, he just got letters and then the coach showed up at his house for a visit.

Yes recruiting defiantly changed with Social Media. I bet your dad has some funny stories.

SR: Yes, my dad has done a lot of crazy stuff for work.

Thanks for the update

SR: Yes please. I really appreciate it.



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