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Beatty brothers thriving in Japan Professional Football

The Beatty brothers BJ and Bronson, former Kahuku football starts and the nephews of Chris Naeole the 10th pick in the NFL draft back in 1997 by the Saints. The two brothers took completely different paths to get to where they're at today, but it's gotten them to the same destination. "People are like where are you are you home now? I'm like no I'm hiding in Japan," BJ Beatty said. From Kualoa Ranch, the homestead of the Beatty family all the way to Narashino Japan which is nearby Tokyo. "I don't look like the typical local boy you know what I mean?" BJ said. Now in his 6th season of professional football with the Obic Seagulls and this guy making plays both on and off the field. Will you marry me? BJ asked his now wife after a game in front of the entire Seagulls team. "Got to go big right? Had to let my wife know in front of the whole world I am not ashamed to tell her I love her," BJ said. Married with two kids and embracing life as a pro football player. Nearly 4,000 miles away from home but a big piece of home right by his side. "He graduated high school and like two days later I left for Japan and then two years later he is going to college in Japan," BJ said. Brother Bronson taking a chance with life outside his comfort zone. "I did not like it at first to be honest, I was calling home to my dad complaining. This is too much for me but I don't think I fully immersed myself but once I did I learned to like it, made friends, learned the language, so pretty cool," Bronson Beatty said. Last year it became the two Beatty brothers taking Japanese Professional Football by storm. "Not many people get to say that's my brother. That's my real brother behind me and it's been a fun experience. Especially to play for our family," BJ said. "To be able to line up behind him and do things we love on the field we love together. My parents are so stoked that we are playing together," Bronson said. So Bronson just 25 and says he wants to play till he's 30, while BJ, I'm not going to say his age but he thinks he has another two or three good years left in the tank.

Beatty brothers thriving in Japan Professional Football

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