OIA meet belongs to Tutor

JAMM AQUINO / JAQUINO@STARBULLETIN.COM Kahuku's Redmond Tutor took first in the 110-meter

hurdles yesterday for one of his five gold medals.

Redmond Tutor began the day by spiking himself. He ended it with five gold medals and comparisons with the reigning "World's Greatest Athlete."

Tutor led Kahuku's boys to their first Oahu Interscholastic Association track and field championship since 2003 yesterday. The host Mililani girls eased to their second title in a row and third in five years under coach Dane Matsunaga, as junior sprinter Britney Stephens won the 100 and 200, and anchored two point-scoring Trojans relay teams.

Kahuku's boys scored 93 points to second-place Mililani's 79.5, and the schools reversed the roles in the girls meet with the Trojans scoring 123 to the Red Raiders' 63.

Tutor's wins in the long and triple jumps and both hurdle events were capped by a sizzling 49-second split as he caught Mililani's A.J. Clark on the last turn of the 4x400-meter relay to end the meet.

Tutor had at least a hand in every event the Red Raiders boys won. Actually, it was a good thing he didn't really need the last two fingers on his right hand, since he somehow cut them with his spikes on his second long-jump attempt.

"It was kind of irritating, but good thing I don't run with my hands," said Tutor, who still managed to set the meet's only record with his 38.81 in the 300 hurdles (despite stumbling over the final barrier), knocking out his own 39.44 from Thursday's trials.

Several veteran coaches said it was the most dominant performance by a boy in this meet since 1998, when 2005 world decathlon champion and 2004 Olympics silver medalist Bryan Clay ran for Castle.

"Bryan was just a step ahead of him as a runner," said Knights coach Martin Hee, who mentored Clay. "That's partly because Redmond played football and Bryan wasn't doing other sports."

Tutor, a senior who started at wide receiver for Kahuku's state championship football team, said he plans to only compete in track and field in college and follow in Clay's footsteps, jumps and throws.

"Bryan Clay's a track icon. Just to be mentioned in the same sentence with him is an honor," Tutor said. "I hope to become a competitive college decathlete."

Clark wasn't bad himself yesterday, with wins in the 100, 200, 400 and the anchor in the winning 4x100 and aforementioned second-place 4x400, plus second in the long jump.

But in addition to Tutor besting Clark in their individual matchups, Kahuku had the deeper team yesterday.

"Redmond is a machine," Kahuku coach Sean Makaiau said. "He and A.J. Clark showed they were the two best athletes at this meet today. But we had some guys step up to help Redmond."

Sprinter Suaesi Tuimaunei contributed key points with seconds in the 100 and 200 -- and fourth in the long jump, an event he'd never competed in until last week.

"Also, Afa Bridenstine was a true warrior for us," Tutor said. "He hurt his knee in the trials and still came out and gave us a second (in the 110 hurdles)."

Stephens was nearly half a second behind and more than a full second ahead of second place in the 100 and 200 -- equivalents of a lifetime in those events.

"She's unbelievable," Matsunaga said. "Not just her times (12.54 and 26.30), but what she does for the team in other ways. Britney really came through. We really needed her because we lost another top sprinter to grades this week."

Leilehua's Vanessa Drake and Kaiser's Leialoha Bratton also won multiple events.

Drake took the long and triple jumps and ran on the Mules' winning 4x400 relay team.

Bratton crossed first in the 800 and 1,500.

OIA Championships

At Mililani H.S. Varsity girls Team standings--1. Mililani, 123; 2. Kahuku; 63; 3. Waipahu, 47; 4. Kaiser, 46; T5. Leilehua, Kapolei, 40; 7. Radford, 20; 8. Pearl City, 19; 9. Kalani, 18; 10. Kailua, 16. Shot put--1. Charnelle Ioane, Kap, 33-4.5; 2. Ilissa Aalona, Kah, 31-0; 3. Agnes Faaleaoga-Maloata, Kail, 30-10.5. Discus--1. Ilissa Aalona, Kah, 128-11; 2. Crystal Woodward, Camp, 5:16.93; 3. Agnes Faaleaoga-Maloata, Kail, 108-7. Long jump--1. Vanessa Drake, Lei, 17-4.75; 2. Yasmina Taketa, Kaln, 17-1; 3. Jasmine Pratt, Mil, 15-7. Triple jump--1. Vanessa Drake, Lei, 34-10.5; 2. Renee Elbourne, Kaim, 33-3.5; 3. Jasmine Pratt, 32-9.25. High jump--1. Na'lani Ravelo, Kalh, 5-1; 2. Michele Ip, Kais, 4-10; 3. Noelani Roach, Waip, J4-10. Pole vault--1. Nadia Romero, Mil, 9-6; 2. Sayoko Hackler, Mil, 8-0; 3. Michele Ip, Kais, J8-0. 100-meter hurdles--1. Kharyse Thompson, Rad, 17.18; 2. Abigail Tapawan, Mil, 17.53; 3. Noelani Roach, Waip, 17.68. 100-meter dash--1. Britney Stephens, Mil, 12.54; 2. Yasmina Taketa, Kaln, 12.91; 3. Helanica Nautu, Kah, 13.14. 1500-meter run--1. Leialoha Bratton, Kais, 5:12.8; 2. Crystal Woodward, Camp, 5:16.93; 3. Kelli Ishihara, Mil, 5:19.89. 4x100-meter relay--1. Kahuku (Lani Speer, Ashley Burt, Tracy Goodell, Helanica Nautu), 51.44; 2. Mililani, 51.78; 3. Kapolei, 52.13. 400-meter dash--1. Keilyn Tanimoto, PC, 61.35; 2. Desiree Adolpho, Waip, 61.82; 3. Dana Fujiwara, Waip, 62.97. 300-meter hurdles--1. Noelani Roach, Waip, 49.43; 2. Kathryn Nickerson, Moan, 50.52; 3. Abigail Tapawan, Mil, 51.27. 800-meter run--1. Leialoha Bratton, Kais, 2:23.30; 2. Terryn Ricketts, Lei, 2:25.59; 3. Brooke Brown, Mil, 2:27.07. 200-meter dash--1. Britney Stephens, Mil, 26.30; 2. Helanica Nautu, Kah, 27.46; 3. Keilyn Tanimoto, PC, 27.81. 3000-meter run--1. Keilani Wasson, Kah, 11:25.60; 2. Kelli Ishihara, Mil, 11:34.44; 3. Melissa Kawana, Mil, 11:41.24. 4x400-meter relay--1. Leilehua (Mary De Vera, Alexandria Neason, Terryn Ricketts, Vanessa Drake), 4:12.46; 2. Waipahu, 4:12.80; 3. Kapolei, 4:14.02.

Varsity boys Team standings--1. Kahuku, 93; 2. Mililani, 79.5; 3. Roosevelt, 41; 4. Leilehua, 36; 5. Waipahu, 30; 6. Waianae, 29; 7. Kapolei, 22; 8. Moanalua, 21.5; 9. Castle, 20; 10. Pearl City, 17. Discus--1. Sosaia Vaitai, Waian, 156-6; 2. B.J. Beatty, Kah, 153-5; 3. Fatu Fetalaiga, Far, 147-6.5. Shot put--1. Aaron Watson, Nan, 47-0.75; 2. Fatu Fetalaiga, Far, 46-5.25; 3. Patrick Au, Kah, 45-10. 75 Long jump--1. Redmond Tutor, Kah, 22.95; 2. A.J. Clark, Mil, 22-0; 3. Dave Lopez, Wail, 21-4. Triple jump--1. Redmond Tutor, Kah, 46-6.5; 2. Aukai Lai, Wain, 43-5.5; 3. Dave Lopez, Wail, 41-9.75. High jump--1. Aukai Lai, Wain, 6-6; 2. Gary Satterwhite, Rad, 6-0; 3. Michael West, 5-10. Pole vault--1. Gordon Cox, Waip, 12-6; 2. Gabe Montero, Mil, J12-6; 3. Joey Nakamura, Moan, 11-6. 110-meter hurdles--1. Redmond Tutor, Kah, 14.67; 2. Afa Bridenstine, Kah, 15.63; 3. Isaac Gomes, Roos, 15.79. 100-meter dash--1. A.J. Clark, Mil, 11.04; 2. Suaesi Tuimaunei, Kah, 11.3; 3. Tavis Adkins-Cabana, Kap, 11.54. 1500-meter run--1. John Otaguro, Roos, 4:24.9; 2. Matthew Kodama, Cas, 4:25.83; 3. Kensuke Taylor, Kail, 4:26.12. 4x100-meter relay--1. Mililani (Peter Poentis, A.J. Clark, Ikaika Payamo, D'Andre Benjamin), 44.02; 2. Leilehua, 44.84; 3. Kapolei, 45.02. 400-meter dash--1. A.J. Clark, Mil, 51.20; 2. Joseph Naholowa'a, Cam, 51.36; 3. Michael West, Moan, 52.86. 300-meter hurdles--1. Redmond Tutor, Kah, 38.81; 2. D'Andre Benjamin, Mil, 40.30; 3. Isaac Gomes, Roos, 40.75. 800-meter run--1. Dennis Swart, Kais, 2:02.57; 2. John Otaguro, Roos, 2:04.18 ; 3. Racoma Rooney, Lei, 2:05.17. 200-meter dash--1.A.J. Clark, Mil, 22.56; 2. Suaesi Tuimaunei, Kah, 22.70; 3. Tavis Adkins-Cabana, Kap, 23.48. 3000-meter run--1. Kensuke Taylor, Kail, 9:48.23; 2. Matthew Roberts, Lei, 9:50.04; 3. Jacob Valeriano, Cam, 9:51.61. 4x400-meter relay--1. Kahuku (Suaesi Tuimaunei, Gary Nagy, Aaron Victorian, Redmond Tutor), 3:28.67; 2. Mililani, 3:29.32; 3. Roosevelt, 3:33.11.


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