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‘View from a Blue Moon’ trailer released

The trailer for 22-year-old surfer John John Florence’s next movie, View from a Blue Moon, was released today, and the 60-minute feature will be out Dec. 1.

The three-minute trailer is part surf movie, part epic photography that looks like it springs off the pages of National Geographic. Actor John C. Reilly of Talladega Nights and Stepbrothers fame narrates the film.

This is the second collaboration between Florence and director Blake Vincent Kueny. In 2013, they released the critically acclaimed film Done.

Kueny said it was fun to work on.

“We just wanted to make something that’s cool to us. If everyone else likes it, that’s even better,” Kueny said in a press release.

Surfer John John Florence travels the world in his newest film, “View from a Blue Moon.” Photo: “View from a Blue Moon” website

Florence agreed.

“My favorite thing about this film is how we made it,” he said in a press release. “The toys we used might have been bigger and more expensive, but we shot this movie in the same spirit we always have. We spent quality time with family and friends surfing and exploring in my favorite places on the planet.”

They shot all over, from Hawaii to Africa.

The film — made in collaboration with Brain Farm and Monster Energy — will have seven worldwide premieres on Nov. 11 and 12 in Japan, Brazil, the U.S., France, South Africa and Australia.

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