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Former BYU & NFL tight end Tevita Ofahengaue is enjoying his new role as BYU's Director of R

In the high-stakes, wild world of college football recruiting, there are certain individuals who seem destined to star in this emerging new field. BYU’s new Director of Recruiting Operations, Tevita Ofahengaue, happens to be one of them.

He came from the talent-rich area of Kahuku High School located in Laie, Hawaii to Provo, Utah to play tight end at BYU. Long overdue, Tevita Ofahengaue returns to BYU, his alma mater, in an effort to help Kalani Sitake’s football program get even better. He comes to BYU as the program's new Director of Recruiting Operations, and he comes with a fire and passion in his heart.

“I’m here to find the right guys to fit within our program, and then give that information to our coaches so they can go check them out,” said Ofahengaue. “They’ll go do an eye-test and check them out in every aspect. I’m excited to be here and to be a part of this program.”

It may sound like a simple job but, in reality, it isn’t. Long hours of evaluating film, attending camps, visiting high schools, emailing, posting on social media, tapping into social networks, and everything in between will be the charge for Ofahengaue.

“Yup, I’ll be watching all the film,” said Ofahengaue. “ Recruits will be sending me all their film, and I’ve been watching non-stop for a month now.”

For most, that may sound a bit monotonous. For Ofahengaue, watching prospective recruits film is a form of entertainment he simply enjoys doing.

“I’m going to go watch another movie [right after this],” Ofahengaue said with a laugh when it comes to evaluating film.

The most important dynamic to recruiting comes down to a simple formula. It’s about relationships and using your ties and influences to gather as much information in order to find those prospective players that could fit your program’s needs.

“It’s all who you know,” said Ofahengaue. “That’s basically how this whole recruiting game goes. It’s all about who you know.”

Back in the islands of Hawaii, Ofahengaue is well known for his interest in helping to coach, influence, and mold football players as a former D1 player. He’s well-connected to the North Shore area where he’s been actively involved in helping to promote young prospects to the next level. His talents, knowledge, enthusiasm, connections, and network of relationships built up over the years will help him find the best fit talent for BYU as they seek to push the program to new heights.


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