GAME NIGHT 9/17: Bishop Gorman /Kahuku

Kahuku gets ready in the locker room. Photo by David Becker/Special to the Star-Advertiser.

It’s time.

Game day is finally here. Hawaii’s top team, Kahuku, faces the nation’s No. 1 team, Bishop Gorman, in a hugely anticipated game in Las Vegas. Kickoff is at 4 p.m. Hawaii time and we will have live updates throughout the game.

Bishop Gorman 35, Kahuku 7, FINAL


FINAL STATS FOR KAHUKU Sol-Jay Maiava 6 carries, 18 yards, TD Elvis Vakapuna 20 carries, 58 yards Harmon Brown 10 carries, 41 yards team 1 carry, -8 yards Sol-Jay Maiava 3-9, 33 yds Steven Lombard 2 rec, 26 yds Kai’ea Dowling 1 rec, 7 yds 142 TOTAL YARDS


Gorman will take a knee and that will be it …NO. They fake the run and throw a deep ball to the end zone. Incomplete. Absolutely classless move by the Gaels. Now it’s over. Red Raiders have 18-game winning streak snapped. Bishop Gorman has now won 44 in a row.

Kahuku turns it over on downs after picking up a first down.

Gorman starts on the Kahuku 47 with 4:03 remaining. Cianelli picks up 3. Thompson-Robinson with a 14-yard catch to the 30 as Gorman still throws it around. Cianelli stopped by Ah You for a yard. Ah You, Kaniho, Sauvao have been really good tonight for Kahuku. Red Raiders whistled for a defensive pass interference. Ball at the 14 with 2:31 remaining. Tate Martell 14-yard TD pass to Dorian Thompson-Robinson. 35-7.

Another touchback. Haven’t gotten to see Stokes Nihipali-Botelho return one tonight. Second intentional grounding call on Maiava loses 20 yards to the 2. Kahuku punts to the 47.

Cianelli runs twice for 8 yards. Third-and-2. Martell hits Nailor for 20 yards to the 22. Martell runs for about 8 yards but fumbles again. Nihipali-Botelho has a shot to recover it but can’t and somehow Gorman jumps on it. Kahuku missed what might have been its last chance there. Martell can’t get away from Kesi Ah-Hoy who tries to rip the ball loose. Third-and-3 at the 5. Pitch to Dorian Thompson-Robinson who gets the first down at the 2. Kaniho blows up the run at the 2. He’s had a good game showing off for scouts in Las Vegas. Brevin Jordan 3-yard TD pass from Martell. 28-7.

Kahuku starts on own 43. Second play of drive, miscommunication in the backfield and Maiava gets popped and fumbles. Gorman recovers on the Kahuku 40.

Two incomplete passes as Kahuku gets pressure on Martell and Gorman will go for it on fourth-and-8 from the 43. Martell overthrows a receiver deep in the end zone and Kahuku takes over.


Cianelli with a 15-yard run to the 45 of Kahuku. Cianelli picks up 2. Quarter ends.

Kahuku comes out in a different formation and Bishop Gorman has to call timeout. Red Raiders start on their 20. Kahuku moves it inside Gorman territory as Harmon Brown picks up 7 and then 14. False start on Kahuku makes it second-12 at the Gorman 48. Play-action pass and Maiava finds Lombard for 8 yards. Third-and-4 at the 40. Fourth-and-4 after no gain. Play-action and Lombard has the catch but is drilled by Bubba Bolden and drops it. Huge hit forces turnover on downs.

Gaels start on their 20 and Cianelli picks up 6. Now 11 more as Gorman picks up a first down. Second-and-6 and Kekaula Kaniho with a HUGE sack to force third-and-long. Martell is forced all the way back inside his own 10 and then he somehow eludes everybody and picks up 20 to the Kahuku 49. What an unbelievable scramble run by Martell to move the chains. Cianelli now breaks off a 27-yard run to the 17. Martell’s first-down pass is batted down at the line. Third-and-3 at the 10 as Sauvao stops Cianelli after a gain of 7. Kahuku stops the run on third down. Derek Ng attempts a 27-yard field goal but Kahuku is called for roughing the kicker to give the Gaels a first down. First-and-goal at the 5. Pass is incomplete. Second down. Cianelli stopped at the 3. Third-and-goal. Martell rolls out and scores on a 3-yard TD run. Roughing-the-kicker penalty is costly. 21-7, 5:54.

Kahuku came out in full force in Las Vegas. Photo by David Becker/Special to the Star-Advertiser.

KAHUKU STATS Sol-Jay Maiava 4 carries, 42 yards, TD Elvis Vakapuna 14 carries, 35 yards Harmon Brown 4 carries, 12 yards team 1 carry, -8 yards Sol-Jay Maiava 1-2, 18 yds Steven Lombard 1 rec, 18 yds

After the half ended, Bishop Gorman coach Kenny Sanchez was whistled for an unsportsmanlike call as he continued to yell at the officials after the fumble ruling when Martell tried to spike the ball.


Vakapuna runs for 3 and Kahuku calls timeout with 11 seconds left on the 41. Maiava called for intentional grounding. Third-and-28. Kahuku takes a knee. Halftime.

Good 30-yard return on the kickoff is stopped by Stokes Nihipali-Botelho at the 31. Big hit. Martell stopped for a loss of 1 and then Nailor gets 8 on the screen. Third-and-3. Cianelli just gets the first down. 4-yard carry. Martell completes a 7-yard pass to the 50. Timeout Bishop Gorman as Kahuku keeps the receiver inbounds. Nailor gets open deep but he drops what might have been a TD. Cianelli carries for 14 yards on third-and-3. Timeout Gaels with 40 seconds remaining. Martell with a short 5-yard pass to the 31 but the receiver is drilled by Kaniho. Martell has to spike it but the officials call it a fumble and Kahuku recovers. Red Raiders ball on the 38.

Kahuku starts on its 20. Vakapuna runs it three times and just gets to the 30 on third-and-2 for a first down. Play-action pass and Maiava hits Steven Lombard for 18 yards to the 48. Kahuku into Bishop Gorman territory and will go for it on fourth-and-3 at the Gaels 45. Sol-Jay Maiava keeps and he’s GONE. 45-yard TD run. Huge score late in the first half for Kahuku.

The Gaels start on the Kahuku 43. Bishop Gorman has dominated field position. Cianelli with 10 yards on the run. Another run of 4 yards to the 29 as Ah You gets another tackle. Cianelli stopped for no gain by Codie Sauvao and it’s third-and-6 from the 29. Austin Arnold with a 15-yard reception to the 14 on a quick pass. Another missed tackle by Kahuku. Cianelli for 3 to the 11. Third-and-6 from the 10 as Sauvao stops the RB for no gain. Martell has all day and finds Austin Arnold in the corner of the end zone. 10-yard TD pass makes it 14-0 Gaels.

Kahuku with a personal foul on the kickoff so it will start on its 10. Now with a false start. First-and-15 from the 5. Harmon Brown with the direct snap at QB and he has two 3-yard runs to make it third-and-9. Now a delay of game. Kahuku piling up the penalties here. Vakapuna stopped for a loss of 1 by Haskell Garrett and Kahuku will punt from own end zone.

Screen to the TE, Brevin Jordan and Kahuku misses about 4 tackles. 18-yard TD pass from Martell to Jordan on a play Kahuku should have wrapped up near the 10. Gaels score on first play of second quarter.


Bishop Gorman starts on its 44 after a 19-yard punt return. Cianelli runs for 2 yards with Ah You making the stop. Martell scrambles and hits Jalen Nailor deep for 39 yards to the 15. Martell stopped for a loss of 1. Martell takes too much time and it’s a delay of game. Martell breaks contain and scrambles inside of the 5 but a flag is thrown down field. Illegal block on Gorman. Martell scrambles for a yard. Quarter ends with Gorman facing third-and-13 from the 18.

Vakapuna runs for 3 yards. He runs for 5 to set up third-and-2. Maiava keeps on the read-option and takes it 18 yards to the 32. First down Kahuku. Injury timeout as a Kahuku OL is down on the play. Vakapuna picks up 1 to the 33. False start on Kahuku. After nine straight runs, Kahuku goes play-action and Maiava misses an open Christopher Tuliloa who was open and had a lot of room. Vakapuna runs for 4 and Kahuku will punt.

QB Tate Martell and the Gaels start on their 35. Amod Cianelli rumbles for 25 on the first play and then Martell keeps for 23 yards to the 17. Miki Ah You with the sack of Martell on first down. Martell loses 2. Cianelli runs for 6 to set up third-and-6 from the 13. False start on the Gaels. Third-and-11. Martell runs for 12 to the 6 but he fumbles. Kahuku recovers. Holding on Bishop Gorman is declined. Red Raiders take over on their 6.

Elvis Vakapuna with a 6-yard carry on first down. He is stopped for no gain on second down and Bishop Gorman is whistled for a late hit. 15-yard penalty moves it to the 41. Vakapuna with four carries for 9 yards. Kahuku facing third-and-7 on its 44. QB Sol-Jay Maiava picks up nothing on the QB draw. Kahuku will punt.

Kahuku wins the toss and will receive. Close to 12,000 people tuned in to the live stream at kickoff.

Captains for Kahuku: Kekaula Kaniho, Aliki Vimahi, Vili Fisiiahi, Kesi Ah-Hoy.

RB Biaggio Walsh and WR Tyjon Lindsey will not play for Bishop Gorman.


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Kahuku has won 18 in a row. Bishop Gorman has won 42 in a row. Live updates follow below: