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A quest for a National Championship culminates @ the Pacific Cup

Let's get more people to the Pacific Cup happening next weekend. Get tickets from our rugby boys @ $15 for all 3 days or $7 per day. You don’t need to go to all games and all games Thursday and Friday are only 40 minutes long each. 31 games total over 3 days and you can come to the ones you want.

ALSO FYI – The Hawaii Barbarians will be built on Kahuku players with a few from Maui, Big Island, and Kalihi. United and Snow Canyon are from UTAH and Red Mountain is From ARIZONA. All state champions in previous years. Parking is free and with this ticket you get in to as many games as you want on all 3 days. Tereora is from the Cook Islands, Western Heights is from New Zealand and the rest are from California. Danville is the number #1 team in the country.

Thursday – Turtle Bay 8:00am – San Diego Mustangs vs. United 8:45am – Kahuku vs. Coastal Dragons 9:30am – Danville vs. Red Mountain 10:15am – St. Francis vs. Hawaii Barbarians 11:00am – Tereora vs. Snow Canyon 11:45am – Western Heights vs. Kamehameha 12:30pm – SD Mustangs vs. St. Francis 1:15pm – Kahuku vs. Tereora 2:00pm – Danville vs. Western Heights 2:45pm – United vs. Hawaii Barbarians 3:30pm – Coastal Dragons vs. Snow Canyon 4:15pm – Red Mountain vs. Kamehameha

Friday – Turtle Bay 8:00am – SD Mustang vs. Hawaii Barbarians 8:45am – Kahuku vs Snow Canyon 9:30am – Danville vs Kamehameha 10:15am – St. Francis vs. United 11:00am – Tereora vs. Coastal Dragons 11:45am – Western Heights vs. Red Mountain 12:30pm – 10 vs 11 (Semi-final 1) 1:15pm – 9 vs. 12 (Semi-final 2) 2:00pm – 6 vs. 7 (Semi-final 3) 2:45pm – 5 vs. 8 (Semi-final 4) 3:30pm – 2 vs. 3 (Semi-final 5) 4:15pm – 1 vs. 4 (Semi-final 6)

Saturday – Kahuku High School: FINALS

9:05am – Loser SF1 vs. Loser SF2 (11th and 12th) 10:25am - Winner SF1 vs. Winner SF2 (10th and 9th) 11:45am – Loser SF3 vs. Loser SF4 (8th and 7th) 1:05pm – Winner SF3 vs. Winner SF4 (5th and 6th) 2:25pm – Loser SF5 vs. Loser SF6 (3rd and 4th) Plate and Shield Trophies 3:45pm – Winner SF5 vs. Winner SF6 (1st and 2nd) Cup and Bowl Trophies 5:00pm – Award Ceremony

Come cheer the 2017 Kahuku rugby boys as they embark on an historic quest to do something no other team in Hawaii has ever done . . . win a National title!

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