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I stand corrected

In an earlier post I said that I believed that Kahuku's girls water polo team was the only team in the state to appear in the HHSAA state tournament semi-finals for 11 straight years. I was mistaken. Boy was I mistaken!

In fact, since girls water polo has been a full fledged state tournament sport starting in 2004, our Kahuku girls water polo team has made it to the final four every single year. Yes, you read that right . . . ALL 14 years! Nobody else has done that. Not Punahou. Not Kamehameha. Not Roosevelt. Not Iolani. NOBODY!

And don't forget about the 13 out of a possible 14 OIA Championships.

We've been to the title match 4 times and have fallen short each time. Time for change ladies! See it! Be it!

But first . . . Kamehameha.


#KahukuGirlsWaterPolo #KahukuRedRaiders

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