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2018 Polynesian Bowl roster is stacked

Check out this great article on

It's a great article in that it's not an article at all . . . at least in the traditional sense. Why? Because it's an image roster including the scouting meaurables, and the player's hometown and high shcool . Furthermore, it contains's national rankings by position as well as the players' state and regional rank by position while the cherry on top is the # of offers each player has received.

Here are the # 1's & 2's [as determined by] committed to play:

Not bad percentages for our Polynesians with 3 of the top 8.

There's also some very large "boys" too.

And don't forget our very own:

I hope by the time the bowl actually comes around that he won't be the only Red Raider playing.

Check out the rest of the image roster by clicking on the link above.

#KahukuFootball #SamsonReed

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