A family affair

Apparently, the Hawaii high school hall of honor is a family affair for this aiga.

Above you will find a young Mona Afalava being honored in the 1986 class. She is seated in the middle row second from the left.[PC: https://www.sportshigh.com/hall_of_honor]

20 years later Mona's daughter, Camilla Ah-Hoy, is honored among the class of 2006, she is seated on the front row all the way to the right. Seated immediately next to her is her first cousin, fellow Red Raider and Hall of Honor honoree Okesene "Junior" Ale. [PC: https://www.sportshigh.com/hall_of_honor]

And of course in this image taken on Sunday courtesy of Brandyn Akana you will find Kesi Ah-Hoy with Coach Akana and Kekaula Kaniho.

So if you didn't connect the dots let me lay it our for you. Mona Afalava was named a Hall of Honor honoree in 1986. She married and had children amidst a stellar volleyball career as a player for a couple of NAIA championship teams @ Brigham Young University-Hawaii. Camilla is her daughter while Kesi is her son and the youngest of the Ah-Hoy bunch. Okesene is her nephew by way of an older sister.

Needless to say they - they've brought honor to their own family while at the same time bringing the Red Raider ohana along for the ride.

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