Player Profile: Sol-Jay Maiava

ShaLi Niu with her cousin Sol-Jay.

Sol-Jay Maiava was offered a scholarship by Michigan Wolverine coach John Harbaugh as an eighth grader during the summer of 2015 hinting at his immense potential. In the OIA quarter finals against Kapolei Sol-Jay had his full arsenal on display. He adeptly knew when to get rid of the ball and when to eat it. He instinctively scrambled when necessary yet just enough to get off clean passes one of which found Duke Heffernan in the back of the endzone as time expired in the first half.

Sol-Jay was also exhibiting great leadership last Friday as he continues to grow into his role as captain and one of the most heralded recruit ever to come out of Kahuku. Also during the OIA quarter finals I heard Sol-Jay yelling at some of his teammates for not knowing what package they were a part of. He also got a little antsy and vocal with the coaches when they weren't getting the plays communicated quick enough in relation to the play clock.

He continued his hot streak as he lead another TD drive racing against the first half clock in the OIA semi-finals against Campbell @ Aloha Stadium. That drive was also capped with a pass to Duke Heffernan in the North end zone.

Hereʻs hoping that this will just be the beginning to a great playoff run in firmly establishing himself as the premier dual threat quarterback in the state as well as one of the best in the nation.

Sol-Jay currently resides in Hau'ula with his parents Luaao & Rosemary. He has 3 siblings: Chevy, Chevelle, and Soren. This family is very active helping out where they can.

Sol-Jayʻs upbringing was highlighted after the OIA quarter-finals @ Kahuku. First of all he was kind enough to grant me and interview when nearly everyone had already left the field. Then after my interview, what do you think he does? Yep you guessed right . . . he turns around and helps Kenai Liua pick up the orange yard markers on the field. This guy! Keep it up! Good job Luaao & Kekai!

Next we see a couple of images from the OIA quarter finals against Kapolei.

Now here's a couple of images with Austin Murphy who wrote the recent Sports Illustrated article about Kahuku. Cool guy! Very cerebral and reflective.

Below are some images from the OIA Semi-finals against Campbell @ Aloha Stadium on October 20th.


Precision [can you see the ball?]




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