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1990 prep football all-star teams

Mark Atuaia's record breaking offensive line: Chris Naeole (75), Tala Toalei (79), Charles Cismon (51), Toele Faamoe (77) and Tanoai Reed (74)

As the 2017 Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s football All-State team release draws near, periodically we are going to ask a spreadsheet to generate a random number between 1947 and 2016.

Whichever year pops up, we will post that season’s all-star pages here.

1990 was the year of the two best rushing performance in the history of the state. Kahuku’s Mark Atuaia, who held the career rushing record as the only back to run for more than 4,000 yards for eight more years, still holds the single-season record of 2,377 yards in 10 games. Yes, he averaged 237.7 rushing yards per game.

Why? Check out that offensive line of Chris Naeole, Tala Toalei, Charles Crismon, Toele Faamoe and Tanoai Reed. If that wasn’t enough, Atuaia had Itula Mili blocking on the outside.

The next-best single-season rushing performance also occurred this season with Farrington’s Randall Okimoto rushing for 2,149 yards and 33 touchdowns in 14 games.

Atuaia shared the offensive player of the year award in both newspapers with Saint Louis quarterback John Hao.

Current Mililani coach Rod York was a first-team All-State defensive lineman pick for the Honolulu Advertiser.

Doubleclick the images and you will see that Naeole was shut out of state and league honors without even honorable mention.

See the full layout @ 1990 prep football all-star teams

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