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Bradlee Anae is the most important defensive player for the Utes in 2018

Bradlee Anae is the most important defensive player for the Utes in 2018. The 6’3 260lb true junior will be the leader among the defensive line in sacks and pressure. Utah’s pass rush will rely heavily on the ability of Bradlee Anae to win one-on-one match ups with PAC12 offensive tackles.

When Utah has been at their best defensively, they’ve been able to generate pressure without having to dial up excessive pressure in the form of blitzing players. Sending linebackers or safeties on blitzes vacates zones that the offense can take advantage of. Offensive football is all about finding the open areas of the field and exploiting them. If a defense can get pressure with just their front four defensive linemen, seven defenders become available for coverage (if my math is correct).

Anae has all the qualities that Hunter Dimick, Nate Orchard and Trevor Reilly had before they were household names. Coming off a year where Anae had 39 tackles, 10 TFLs and 7 sacks all while fighting through numerous injuries, he looks poised to step up even more to become an all-PAC12 calibur player.

Utah’s 2018 schedule will include a number of outstanding offensive tackles for Bradlee Anae to test his skills against.

See the article and a list of OT's he will face here.


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