Youth Olympic Qualifiers: USA Need To Rebound vs. Canada

It's has been a good weekend so far for the USA teams at the Youth Olympics qualifiers, but not a great one.

The U18 girls team started off very nicely on Thursday with shutout victories over Mexico and Barbados. But Canada blew through those two opponents with bigger scores, and those two teams looked set for a showdown. That's what they got, with a physical and polished Canadian side defeating the USA 14-5.

That result didn't really have much effect on what goes on Saturday, as both teams made the semis. The USA shut out Mexico a second time, and Canada blew out Barbados to set tomorrow's final for all the marbles.

It's the same story with the boys. The USA and Canada both won their games over Barbados and Jamaica by large margins. This time, however, the USA scores were a shade bigger. But on Friday, Canada edged the Americans 19-12.

No matter, as the semis beckoned and Canada hammered Barbados 69-0, while the USA beat Jamaica 33-14. However, it wasn't easy.

Canada and the USA also face off in the boys bracket for a shot at playing in the Youth Olympic Games.

USA Girls Team: Taylor Marasco, Madeline Rose, Fane Haungtau, Cecilia Pennell, Alexandra DiMarco, Salotte Tausinga, Clara Lemal-Brown, Kapoina Bailey, Katherine Buzby, Shariyf Mayer, Ariana Ramsey, Susan Adegoke.

USA Boys Team: Lauina Falatea, Ty Al-Jiboori, Alex Cleary, Max Clark, Junior Waqavesi, Johnny Mahe, Mateo Gadsden, Jasper Green, Zach Neff, Fatu Teo-Tafiti, Will Chevalier, Fran Ligouri

Youth Olympic Qualifiers:

USA Need To Rebound vs. Canada

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