The kids had a blast @ the 2018 Red Raider in training clinic [especially Benson]

Benson with these absolute studs - from left to right Enokk Vimahi, Tausili Fiatoa, & Tuia Tupuola

Young and not so young Red Raiders alike enjoyed the 2018 Red Raider in Training clinic put on by our 2018 Kahuku Red Raider Varsity Football Team last Saturday. It was exhilarating to see our current Red Raiders working with, instructing, and cheering on our future Red Raiders. The future is bright in Red Raider country! And this year's Red Raiders don't look to shabby either . . . not too shabby at all!

Hammah Kaonohi Kaniho and Benson

Alpine {Ethan Erickson] getting on the level with Benson

Coach Sterling Carvalho addressing clinic attendees and introducing the 2018 Team Captains

New varsity Head Coach Sterling Carvalho told the clinic attendees that they're "in the presence of greatness." High praise for young men who are not yet close to hitting their physical prime not to mention their mental, emotional, and spiritual prime. However, if I know anything about Coach Carvalho and Sterling Carvalho it is that they are one in the same. Knowing that allows me to deduce that when he talks about greatness in these young men he knows it's there within them. Some have discovered it to a greater degree at this stage in their life while others are just scratching the surface. With him at the helm I know he'll try to put each and every individual on his team in a position to seize that greatness within them when the opportunities present themselves.

Your 2018 team captains - left to right - Nalu Emerson, Tausili Fiatoa, Tuia Tupuola, Duke Heffernan, Miki Ah You, Ethan Erickson, Enokk Vimahi, and Toalei Lefau

Miki Ah You showing his leadership skills by working directly with the kids

It all starts right here with the talented and deep Offensive line [because i'm biased]

Benson doing a tackling drill with the Oline

Throughout the morning the young men rallied around all the young ones to make sure their experience was a valuable one. There were some that needed a little more encouragement then others and our football boys rose to the task.

Benson and cousin Georiah Skipps

The clinic ended with a dance battle. A nice touch to meld popular culture with Kahuku Football culture. It was just another way to allow the youngins some time to relax and have some fun while spending time with their older brother figures. In all truth these Red Raiders in training will idolize these current Red Raiders if they aren't already. And the best part was that this current batch of Red Raiders were worthy of emulation. May they continue to be so!





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