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OIA not counting ILH games brings strategy into question

Kahuku coach Sterling Carvalho says the Red Raiders will treat every game this season the same. But will the rest of the OIA feel the same way with games against ILH teams not counting in the standings? Photo by Steven Erler/Special to the Star-Advertiser.

The OIA is not counting OIA-ILH Alliance games against ILH teams toward their league record. And now people are talking about it as to what's the use of this alliance then? I love coach Sterling's approach.

From Paul Honda's article @, titled OIA not counting ILH games brings strategy into question :

"Kahuku coach Sterling Carvalho has said multiple times the Red Raiders are treating every game the same.

“We’ve accomplished one of our big goals, which is to win our first (Open Division) game, in a new era with a new coach, to take down an ILH team,” Carvalho said. “We take every game as a game we want to win, and we must win, so count or no count, we play to win. This is what the Open is all about. Great games, great competition bringing out the best out of everybody. That’s why when we play, we want to play the best.”"

In other words - BRING IT ON! #GoBigRed !


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