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One to Watch Interview with 2021 Hawaii DL @Josh_Singh_95

One of the fun aspects of scouring the recruiting trail is finding the “young talent” that will be the next group of players college coaches will faun over as the days near towards said recruit’s National Signing Day. One Class of 2021 defensive lineman who is flying under the radar for now but is sure to have his comeuppance is Joshua Singh.

Singh is that growing defensive end already giving troubles to opposing Hawaii competition. At 6-1, 240 pounds, Singh has a quick get off, raw power, and a knack for tracking down the ball in the backfield creating chaos in his wake. His play in the trenches has helped Kahuku High School to a 3-0 record and a No. 2 in-state ranking (MaxPreps) with a big showdown against nationally ranked St. Louis High School, the No. 1 team in Hawaii, on Friday.

In a Recruiting News Guru exclusive interview, I sat down with one of the Red Raiders rising stars to learn more about his game and growth on the field in the early part of the 2018 season.


Josh, the big showdown against St. Louis is finally here for the Red Raiders. What is the mindset of the team this week in practice?

“Our mindset is to do what we do. We are focused on everything 100 percent. We are putting in the work needed to win.”

Against St. Louis, what kind of game are you personally expecting?

“I am expecting a lot of passing, they rarely run the ball. We have to contain the quarterback and get to him to stop their offense.”

Where all will you line up against the Crusaders?

“In our last game, they had me at a 3-technique then they moved me to a 5-technique. I’ll be at a 5-tech this week.”

During the 2017 season, you were a bull off the edge seemingly getting to the quarterback with ease. To prepare for your sophomore season, what all did you work on in the offseason?

“I did a lot of work. I started right after the season ended, on that Monday we started lifting. We lifted every day, did one hour of technique, and about 30 minutes of stretching. Over the summer, through our hell week and practices, we worked on a lot of football fundamental skills and our mental approach to the game.”

Where are you seeing the biggest improvements in your game so far this season?

“My strength went up – a lot. I was training with Tausili Fiatoa, he’s a BYU commit. We worked on exploding off the ball and having more power – anything to do with explosion we worked on it. I am always calling my coach for more work outside of practice.”

What are the overall strengths to your game?

“My get off is a key strength and my counter off my first move.”

Speaking of strengths, your power pops off your reel, what are your weight room maxes?

“My bench max is 345, squat 435, deadlift 500, and my power clean is 275.”

Impressive. What goals have you set for yourself for the entirety of the 2018 season?

“For my sophomore year, I am still a young guy on the team; my goal is to keep improving and for us to get better as a group.”

It is still early in your recruiting process, but are any schools already showing recruiting interest in you?

“I am receiving some interest from the college camps I attended. I went to a Washington camp – they are looking at me. After the Washington camp, I went to a UCLA camp, an Arizona camp, and a Utah Utes camp.”

Have you had a chance to unofficially visit any schools outside of the camps you attended yet?

“I went to Utah State over the summer.”

How did that visit go?

“It was good. They have nice facilities. I got a chance to talk to their coaches.”

What motivates you on the field?

“My family, my dad especially. I always try my best on the field. My coaches push me for 100 percent on every play, that is what I try to do.”

What is one thing most people do not know about you?

“I like to play soccer.”

When the 2018 college football season ends, which four teams do you think will make the playoff?

“… Alabama, Washington, Clemson, and USC.”

Two Pac-12 teams, interesting. Josh, thanks for your time today and good luck against St. Louis on Friday.

“Thank you.”

One to Watch Interview with 2021 Hawaii DL Joshua Singh


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