Heffernan Never Down

Tommy Heffernan, Sr. was my 1st Red Raider head coach @ Kahuku. At that time he was the epitome of what a RR was! And before he left this earthly existence today he exemplified what RRs should be like now . . . dedicated, selfless, hard working, exacting, skillful, resourceful, community minded, humorous, yet still with a little edge. And though he wasn't as demonstrative as often as he used to be he illustrated for us a man who adapted to the times yet stayed true to his core. As my head coach those many years ago he taught us lessons that were eye opening, value laden and instructive while punctuated by his signature wit. The past few years he continued to demonstrate those traits by returning to his beloved alma mater to serve with the athletic department. With and emphasis on serve! And what a fitting way to remember him!

I will miss you coach! Rest In Love & Peace! And all the best to your family as they mourn your loss and adjust to your absence! Aloha!


J. Russell Tai Hook