#PolyBowl2k19 - In #RedRaiderCountry Our Football Future is as Bright as Ever

Had the privilege of talking with some bright young men yesterday afternoon. Three of them are in the picture above from left to right: Mason Tufaga, Kaonohi Kaniho, and Alaka'i Gilman. And yes all three of them are from our community.

They were among the select few chosen to attend this small, informal yet beneficial event. By the time I left there were only 8 of the scheduled 10 who were scheduled to be there. Of the 8 there were those 3 from our community - a pretty good percentage if you ask me!

I had a good conversation with all 3 of our community ambassadors.

Kaonohi Kaniho #RR4L - said his knee was all healed up. He also said that he has an offer from Boise State and one more is in the works from a Pac 12 school. He even said that he'll probably play basketball in his senior year if he can escape football season unscathed. Having him injury free will solidify an already solid defense. Have a healthy and happy off season 'Nohi!

Alaka'i Gilman #StraightFromTheBush - is @ Punahou but hails from Laie. He is the starting safety for the buff n blue. Right now he holds offers from UH, Arizona State and a fresh one from the University of Southern California. Yes - my mighty Trojans! The loaded question I asked him was, "Are you gonna be like your brother and return to Kahuku in your senior year [this coming year]?" He was honest in saying, "if it's up to my parents they would say to stay." But he didn't rule it out - so there's still a chance! Talk to you later Alaka'i!

Mason Tufaga #StraightFromTheBush - is the only sophomore in the select group as he had a solid season on an already stellar Saint Louis defense. He is also from Laie. Even as a sophomore Mason already has offers from Oregon and Oregon State where his brother Isaiah is at. The tough question I asked him was, was Kahuku even an option? Like most kids from our community they played for Laie Park Football before heading out to their respective schools. So he did say yes that Kahuku was an option. However, after some talks with his parents he chose the path heʻs on now. And we wish him all the best!

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