Plenty of @RedRaiderSoul on display @polynesiabowl #PolyBowl2k19

Just a few of the Red Raiders involved in @polynesiabowl #PolyBowl2k19 from left to right:

Johnny Tapusoa, Jamerus Tai Hook, Sola Solia'i, Miki Ah You, Nalu Emerson, Leonard Peters, Ethan Erickson, Nate Ilaoa, Enokk Vimahi, Tausili Fiatoa, David Te'o, Samu Falevai, Les Kekahuna, and myself.

My son, Jamerus, and I attended our 1st Polynesian Bowl last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. So I did my very best to secure access again for the 2k19 version. I even gained access to one more of its myriad of events they have scheduled for the week.

Besides the talent, size, speed, and genuine people surrounding the events there's one thing that thrilled me even more - there were Red Raiders in spade all over the place but especially on Saturday night @ the actual bowl game. I don't know if this was done on purpose but for me it was very apparent that we had a big impact on the events of #PolyBowl2k19.

To help illustrate this we can begin with the 5 players invited to participate in the game: LB Miki Ah You, OL Enokk Vimahi, DE Tausili Fiatoa, TE Ethan Erickson, and DB Nalu Emerson. We also had a few RR alum that served as coaches too: my sister's class of 93 classmate, Samu Falevai made the trip from Cali to coach the DL of Team Makai, Leonard Peters coached the linebackers on Team Mauka, while Sola Solia'i, our current Kahuku DC helped coach the defense on Team Mauka. Although these RRs impacted what happened on the field I believe Red Raider Nation had just as much if not more influence off the field.

From the beginning David & Kelli Te'o along with their family have been an integral part behind the scenes. So also has been the contributions of my classmate, Josh Elmore and his family, as well as the Kahuku high school students they bring to assist. With all of our RR involvement we can't forget about our dedicated fan base who will come just to show support. Then there is the ever looming presence of Uncle Junior Ah You and all of the good will he brings to the events he attends.

The addition of Vili the Warrior back on the Aloha Stadium field which he graced for many years as the official mascot for the University of Hawaii cannot be understated either. Then there was the Sika family who played and brought drums that Vili used. On the other side of the Stadium we had the Tihati drummers who were mostly RRs with Jeoriah and Paxton still @ Kahuku with both on the football team. Even Maia Miller, one of our athletic trainers, was helping out. I'm pretty sure there are others too that I didn't see or weren't able to identify. And I would be remiss if I did not thank Burt Trembly and the Polynesian Bowl officials for the wonderful privilege to attend and document this high quality event they've created.

Vili the Warrior with the Sika family

I look forward to the contributions of RR Nation in making the Polynesian Bowl the premier high school football event in the country. See you @ #PolyBowl2k20 !

Please enjoy some of the moments I was able to capture.

Ethan, Jamerus [my son & employee - Class of 2022], and Tausili

Some of the members of Team Makai including our RRs: Miki, Tausili, and Ethan

Nalu and Enokk among some of the players from Team Mauka

Malaki Te'o #StraightFromTheBush and Nalu

Enokk had the honor to be one of the captains of Team Mauka

Alpine [Ethan] soaking it up!

Although Miki wasn't in pads he was still making an impact!

One last time @ Aloha Stadium as a high school player for Tausili and the boys!

Inoke keeping some good company with Siaki Ika, Taulia Tagovailoa, Marcus Mariota, Juju Smith-Schuster, and Tua Tagovailoa.

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