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Uncommon: Enokk Vimahi [ @enokkvimahi ] blazes a path by signing with Ohio State

The Vimahi family . . . well at least those still on the island - image by

When speaking with David Vimahi about his son's decision to sign with THE Ohio State University early Wednesday morning the first thing he said was that, "Inoke wanted to be uncommon."

If my memory serves me correct he is indeed making history once again by signing with Ohio State. No one from Kahuku High & Intermediate school has ever signed or played for the Buckeyes. We can recap another history making moment Enokk recently made by going back to this article.

Ethan and Enokk smiling and acknowledging each other as their families relish the moment - image by


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In the short video interview above Enokk demonstrates he is ahead of the game.

Below is the text of the inteview.


Red Raider Soul - So Inoke, why Ohio State?

Enokk - I felt like they suited all my needs ah they have a great business program ah particularly finance where I wanna major in and that played a big factor where I wanted to go just choosing the school before the program first and ah just making sure I have a degree.

And a like I was telling Rob earlier the real life Wednesday program that they have there works wonders you know there's a lot of people that went through the program that have uh gone on to have great careers you know they gave a lot of examples of the players last year um some people going into business, hotel management and then going from hearing talks from people like Phil Knight and Roger Goodell just people who have been there and are doing you know what others dream of and I felt like that experience you can get at Ohio State.

RRS - Cool. So what kind a . . . you know you making history right, Kahuku history right?

Enokk - Yes. Yes sir.

RRS - So what kind of tone is that setting for those who come in after you?

Enokk - you know just letting others know that just because you come from a school like Kahuku you know or from Hawaii in general you know people from this state can still go on to have great careers in college and at the highest level you know we see it today with Marcus, Tua, Deforest you know just guys who have gone on from the island and made a name for themselves no matter how big or small there school is just putting on for the state.


I've had an association with Inoke the past couple of seasons and have admired his growth, his humility, and his good nature. And yet I have also witnessed his tenacity, ferocity, drive, patience, and perseverance especially dealing with a knee injury late in his senior season.

Inoke has been a leader on and off the field. He's been all over the country because of his love and passion for football. And like was mentioned above he has achieved several Kahuku firsts including being our 1st All-American, our 1st Ohio State signee, as well as achieving the most offers ever by a Kahuku football player.

In blazing this trail Inoke is easing the way for others to follow. As he presses forward he makes the dream framework bigger for those who come after him. Then our Red Raider network grows and we're better for it. Inoke is taking the path less traveled. And yet one day it will become the beaten path. And at that crossroads sometime in the future someone else will have to make the decision to be UNCOMMON.

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