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Getting To Know You - Miki Ah You [ @mikiahyou ]

Before they enrolled at Washington at the start of the month, we were able to get in touch with nearly all of the winter enrollees and got the chance to get to know them a little bit better. Today we focus on Kahuku (Hi.) LB Miki Ah Youwho missed most of his senior season with a knee injury, but was widely regarded as one of the top player from the Islands. Ah You graduated early and has been in Seattle since the start of the year, working his way back to full health and getting used to the demands of school and being on a Pac 12 football team... 1) Favorite music/artist - "Drake because he's just smooth with it. I like some other (artists) too, but Drake is the best." 2) What kind of car do you drive? "I drove a Chevy truck (in Hawaii). We'll see if my parents give me a car up (in Seattle). I don't have a car yet." 3) Favorite movie - "The 'Aquaman' movie was pretty good." 4) What will you miss about the recruiting process? "Being able to meet people from everywhere and being able to compete with them (at bowl games). It was fun meeting people from all over the country and spending time with them and getting to know them better." 5) What won't you miss from the recruiting process? "The early mornings. Having to go everywhere, traveling, stuff like that. It takes a lot out of you.." 6) If not UW, which school would you have signed with? "That's a pretty hard question. U-Dub has been the main school I was focusing on the whole time. There wasn't really a second school. Washington was it for me." 7) What was an awkward or funny moment from the recruiting process? "The other night when coach Pete (Chris Petersen) visited my family, my grandpa was there and when he met (Petersen) he didn't know who he was and he asked 'what position do you coach?' We all laughed about that one pretty good." 8) What will you miss about home? "Probably just my siblings and my parents and all of my boys over (in Hawaii)." 9) Favorite meal - "Poke or Lau Lau or steak, something like that. ." 10) What do you want to major in? "I'm undecided right now, but probably something in finance or business." 11) Dream job - "I want to be a entrepreneur, but I am not sure which area yet. All I know is that I don't want to work for anyone else." 12) Something very few people know about you - "I'm pretty good at surfing. Just a regular board, but I am pretty good at surfing. A big reason is just because I'm so close to it (in Hawaii)."

Getting To Know You - Miki Ah You


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