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A few Red Raiders still involved with the Blue & White

From left to right: Jared Keo, Tevita Ofahengaue, Kalin Hall, Stein Keo, Manu Moe, Jack Damuni, Sengaman Nuga-Tuimaseve, Kaleo Teriipaia, Jamerus Tai Hook, KJ Teriipaia, myself, and Benson Tai Hook.

Through the hospitality of my cousin, Jared Keo, I was able to attend the annual Brigham Young University spring football blue & white game last weekend. After watching most of the game from outside the fence we happened across our fellow Hau'ula Park Place alumni, Tevita Ofahengaue, and he quickly ushered us onto the field for the last part of the game. And although Tee is no longer on the staff he still has a lot of sway around the football team. And as you can see by my image above there are still a handful of Red Raiders close to the BYU progam.

Jamerus, T, Benson & Stein

Jack Damuni is at the center of it all right now as the program's Community Relations Coordinator. His "responsibilities include serving as the liaison between the football department and the community, managing summer camps, alumni relations, community service opportunities and the True Blue Hero program." Please see his staff profile here. He seemed true to the part during the blue & white game as he took some time to take some pictures with us and made sure we were comfortable before taking off to finish up his duties.

As far as active players go, there's only one right now, Hirkley Latu. He's been beat up the past couple of seasons after returning from a mission but told me he felt good after a long time of nursing injuries. He is my nephew on my wife's side so to see him healthy and happy is a definite bonus!

Ethan "Alpine" Erickson has signed with BYU but won't enroll until he returns from a mission in June of 2021. He's already received his call to the Japan Tokyo South Mission.

Although there aren't as many Red Raiders as close to the BYU program as there used to be there are significant enough pieces that should keep the doors open for our Red Raiders to have options. BYU being one of those tried and true portals to opportunities for our Red Raider faithful!

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