Wow! Can you say World Champ! Congrats Apelila Galea'i ! #StraightFromTheBush [Full Spectrum]

Apelila Galea'i shot her way to the FCG Callaway World Championship to beat out over a hundred competitors from all over the United States and the world. In fact, after the normal rounds she found herself in a three way tie then she won the playoff.

Apelila or "Lila" as she is more affectionately know is the daughter of two #RR4Lifers, Raymond "Doc" and Mili (Atuaia) Galea'i. Doc is Class of '88 while Mili is Class of '87. Which makes Lila #StraightFromTheBush .

[My bad for the typo in the Tweet. Galeai'i should be Galea'i]


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