Interview: 2021 Hawaii DL Zion Ah You Talks Timpview Win and Football

The Aloha State continues to stock the proverbial talent shelves in college football seeing talent at all position matriculate to next level success. One of the teams feeding top talent to collegiate rosters is Kahuku High School (4-1). The Red Raiders are one of Hawaii’s best proving the point after traveling to Utah to take on Timpview flying away with a 34-14 win. Upholding the tradition of producing next level gifts while keeping the Red Raiders among the best in-state is Class of 2021 defensive lineman Zion Ah You.

Ah You’s athleticism is hard to come by at the high school level. Last season he made centers and guards look foolish lining up at nose guard using the swim move to perfection. With the Red Raiders five games into their 2019 season, the 5-10, 250-pound, talent is lining up everywhere in the box including defensive tackle, end, middle linebacker, and back at nose guard coming up with 14 tackles, 5.5 tackles for a loss, and one sack in stats posted through four games so far this season.

Fresh off the win in Utah, I sat down with Ah You for a quick one-on-one talking about his play on the field.


Zion, the Red Raiders are putting together a great season thus far with a 4-1 record. The defense is salty only allowing 13 points per game. What is the strength of the team on that side of the ball?

“Our defense, we have lot of players. With our offense, we don’t have to worry about what they are doing. We are strong against the run. With our DBs, they have all been on varsity for four years; they are all experienced.”

How has the season started out for you personally?

“I’m doing alright. I want to get more sacks, but I am doing okay.”

Where all are you lining up in the trenches for the Red Raiders?

“I am primarily playing defensive tackle, but I am also playing middle linebacker in one of our formations, standup defensive end, and some at nose guard.”

The team just put together a great 34-14 win over Timpview (UT) on their home turf. How did the team look in the victory?

“We looked good. They scored on us at the end. We didn’t want to give up that one.”

How did the game go for you?

“I feel like I did well.”

Zion, I like your get off and you have the swim move down going against centers and guard, what are some of the other strengths to your game?

“One of my strengths is going against the run; I can hold my own. My leverage is a strength being able to get under offensive linemen.”

Where are you seeing the biggest improvements in your game?

“My get off and my knowledge of the game are my biggest improvements.”

What are your goals for the rest of the season?

“My goals are to keep playing hard, be a leader for my team, and for us to win the rest of our games.”

Going into the classroom, what is your cumulative GPA?


When the school bell rings, what are some of your favorite classes?

“I like history, humanities-social studies, and science. Those are my favorite courses.”

Zion, it was great getting time in with you today. I wish you and the Red Raiders continued success this season.

“Thank you.”

Interview: 2021 Hawaii DL Zion Ah You Talks Timpview Win and Football