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From freshman to senior year, here’s what recruitment looks like for prep-school QBs

Sol-Jay Maiava says moving from Hawaii to the D.C. area to play football at St. John's "the best move of my life." (Doug Kapustin/For The Washington Post)

Who would've know what Sol-Jay Maiava got himself into two and a half years ago. Nobody could've imagined, except maybe Sol-Jay and his family, that he would lead a St. Johns College team to navigate arguably the toughest schedule in the country . . . two years in a row! I've followed his journey from afar as closely as I could. And as I look at it, you can only be proud of the tough decision he and his family made and that they've made it into an experience of a lifetime! Fittingly, the Washington Post wrote this piece with the culminating segment about Sol-Jay. All the best to you Sol-Jay and to your family for taking us on a wonderful journey!

Enjoy that segment below and click on the link @ the end if you want to read the entire article.


End of the road in senior year

Maiava commited to Brigham Young in June. He has not taken a vist elsewhere since. In fact, 44 of the top 50 quarterbacks in the 2020 class have already announced decisions. Part of that is the creation of the early signing period in December (when Maiava plans to make his BYU choice official). Part of it is a push for players who can qualify to enroll early (Maiava hopes to do so, too).

As the veteran of this group looks back on his recruitment, Maiava says: “It was pretty hard. It had its ups and downs for me, the recruiting.” The low points? “Just stressing over where I want to go, trying to get this and that together, trying to get a free education.”

In hindsight, his recruitment was a marathon: He first spoke with BYU coaches three years ago, and relationships can date back even further than that.

Maiava’s profile expanded when his family chose to move from tiny Laie, Hawaii, to Washington so that Maiava could attend St. John’s and have better access to college exposure. With all of that pressure in the past, Maiava calls that choice “the best move of my life.”

From freshman to senior year, here’s what recruitment looks like for prep-school QBs


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