Breiden Fehoko’s Legacy At LSU

AUSTIN, TX - SEPTEMBER 07: Breiden Fehoko #91 of the LSU Tigers walks off the field after the game against the Texas Longhorns at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on September 7, 2019 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

Breiden Fehoko has been a dominant portion of LSU’s defense the past two seasons. The once Texas Tech player, Fehoko left the Red Raiders in 2016 and found a forever home in Baton Rouge. The transfer process wasn’t simple, sure. But Fehoko knew once he visited Baton Rouge that he had a place there. Hailing from Hawaii, the rich tradition of the state and the culture is instilled within one of the Tigers’ best overall players.

Breiden Fehoko’s Legacy At LSU

We had the opportunity for an exclusive interview with Breiden’s parents, Linda and Vili, about their son’s choice to play for Ed Orgeron and the Tigers.

Transfer To LSU

One of the main reasons Breiden Fehoko chose LSU was defensive line coach Pete Jenkins. Linda Fehoko said that Breiden was “marveled by Jenkins’ knowledge and wanted to learn more.” Vili Fehoko was Breiden’s coach during his high school years in Hawaii. When asked what tied into their son’s decision, Linda stated that Breiden is a true student of the game and “needed to take his developments to the next level.” The Fehoko family is very faith-based, and prayer played a big part in Breiden’s decision to transfer to LSU.

Playing football in Hawaii is somewhat different than that of playing in the Lower 48. Vili Fehoko told Last Word On College Football that “ the college atmosphere in Hawaii is different. Just like Louisiana, Saturday nights in Death Valley.” Breiden is forever a part of the Polynesian culture, and the mentality that a Polynesian warrior is taught at a young age. “These days”, Vili said, “ there are many Polynesian players in college football in the United States. It’s very exciting to see.”

The coaching staff at LSU played a big part in Fehoko’s decision. Linda said that Coach Orgeron and defensive coordinator Dave Aranda played a big part in landing him in Baton Rouge. Breiden knew Orgeron from the coach was at USC. Now, everything is coming full circle. “Those three individuals (Orgeron, Aranda, and Jenkins) were all a factor in Fehoko’s choice to finish his career at LSU.”

Fehoko Family Enjoys Watching Breiden Play

The best part of watching their son play for the Tigers, Vili said, is the “special spirit.” Breiden is full of energy and passion. “It’s a blessing to see transfers excel.. believe it’s a message from God”, Linda stated.

Significance Of The Haka Dance

The Haka Dance has been shown nearly every week during the Tiger Walk. It’s a cross-cultural spiritual ritual that is “done with respect and significance”, according to Vili. The Haka pavés the way for the culture. To the Fehoko family, this is a very deep and meaningful part of their roots. “It’s a sacred dance. LSU is sacred ground. We try to express the meaning for the fans and people that may not know the significance”, Vili told Last Word.

Breiden Fehoko Found A Forever Home in Baton Rouge

The amount of success that Breiden Fehoko has cemented at LSU has put the defensive lineman on notice. With his final game approaching on Saturday, Vili said that “Senior Night will be exciting.” It’s the final time that Breiden and his family will get to perform the Haka Dance outside Tiger Stadium. This is the final time that Fehoko will play in Baton Rouge. Entering Saturday against Texas A&M, there will certainly be a lot of emotion for the family. The Fehoko’s acknowledge their son has made them proud during his career.

Breiden Fehoko’s Legacy At LSU